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8 Photos That Capture Cairo in Berlin

'Cairo in Berlin' is a photo series by Egyptian photographer Nour Khalid, who found herself missing home in the German capital and went chasing its traces.

Alone in a foreign land, Egyptian photographer Nour Khalid found herself missing home – the daily inconveniences that together make life in Cairo both unbearable and interesting. We can't go six months without the smells and the misspelled shop signs, ourselves!

Struggling to adapt to her new life in Berlin, Khalid started to look around for traces of home in the streets and alleys of the German capital. "This was the first time for me to live abroad and the reason why I did this project was because I was inspired by my daily failures in adapting to the new culture I was exposed to," Khalid recounts. "I was trying to search for anything related to Cairo or anything familiar to where I come from in order to feel at home and secure again. It was easy for me to find that in Berlin, as it's very diverse and multicultural in a way that makes you question it's identity and form."

Don't these look like they were captured in the heart of Cairo?

Umm Kulthum Restaurant

Ramadan Treat Shop

Al Hanan Boutique

The Arab Roastery

El Rahma Shop

El Bared Central Telephone Exchange

Al Rayan Market

El Hady Jewellery

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