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Cairo Tattoo Parlour Hosts Master Brazilian Watercolour Artist Lucas Vareta

For two days, you can get a one of a kind watercolour tattoo by someone who knows what they are doing!

Local tattoo parlour True Skin Art just announced that they are hosting an up-and-coming Brazilian watercolour tattoo aficionado Lucas Vareta. Specialising in realism, Vareta makes truly remarkable designs that look like they are about to jump off your skin.

I love my art and it's all given to me and my family. I never wondered why I gained so much experience and live happily alongside great artists and friends that I met because of the art, and for that I am really grateful,” reads Vareta’s Facebook page. Aren’t you glad he isn’t an artsy douchebag?

Vareta is a resident of Ibiza, Spain, and will only be coming to Egypt for a week, where he'll be hosted at True Skin Art for 2 days, starting April 3rd. You can book him for a session through his Facebook page, although we can’t imagine his schedule being light for the duration of his visit.

Vareta doesn’t do spontaneous tattoos, so don’t just walk in thinking you’ll choose one from a catalogue. Vareta only makes custom designs, so give your tattoo a bit of thought before you book him. He requires people to have an idea of the aesthetic direction they want their tattoos to take. It’s worth the time because your design will be on your skin and no one else’s.

If you are interested in getting work done by him during his visit, contact him directly via Facebook or Instagram: @vareta.

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