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European-Egyptian Archaeology Team Accidentally Unearths Statue of Tutankhamun's Grandmother

Three new major archaeological discoveries were made in Egypt this month alone, and the most bizarre being the accidental discovery of King Tut's grandmother in Luxor.

While lifting the feet of the colossus of King Amenhotep III, Tutankhamun's grandfather, in his funerary Luxor temple, a European-Egyptian archaeology team accidentally unearthed a statue of his wife and Tutankhamun's grandmother Queen Tiye, The Sunday Times reports.

The 3,300-year-old statue was found in good condition, with its ancient colours well preserved. It shows Queen Tiye wearing a vulture headdress usually worn by pharaonic queens, in addition to the rearing cobra, which is a symbol of ancient Egypt.

"Beautiful, unique, and distinguished" is how Egypt's antiquities Minister Khaled El-Anani described the statue to The Sunday Times. El-Anani has been having a busy few weeks with the achievement of countless archaeological discoveries in Egypt, including the unearthing of the colossus of King Psamtek I in Matariya two weeks ago, and that of an intact burial chamber, belonging to King Sarenput II, which was discovered in Aswan by a Spanish archaeological mission last week.

Photo: The Sunday Times

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