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Replace My Face: Arab Cinema Meets Hollywood

Egyptian photographer Hagar Nagi mixes the faces of Arab celebrities with Western ones for a super cool new photoseries.

Old school meets modern day, Western meets Arab. Nope not architecture or some cross cultural discussion; what would happen if you blended famous faces from differing cultures and decades? Photographer Hagar Nagi decided to find out with a cool photoseries entitled Replace My Face, posted on her Facebook. But she didn’t go the Photoshop route; instead she pulled up images of two different screen celebs and cleverly positioned them on top of each other and then snapped a photo of that. We don’t know how she found literally perfect matches for faces but she did and the results are some really cool hybrid humans. What do you get when you mix Adel Emam with Jack Nicholson? Uhhh, the grandpa we all wish for. Obviously. 


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