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The Best Moments You Missed at the Cairo International Film Festival

Here's everything you missed at the 39th Cairo International Film Festival while you were napping.

For its 39th edition, the Cairo International Film Festival has gone all out. It’s been literally everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and TV; there’s been absolute no escape. It was so big we actually went and we’re basically a bunch of anti-social introverts who have pizza bits in their blood streams and hate sunlight.

This year’s edition of the festival featured 174 movies from more than 25 countries, 11 awards, and four international superstars.

The main awards are called the ‘Pyramid Awards’ and were given to three movies in first, second, and third place, one for best actor and one for best actress, best screenplay, and best artistic contribution. The winning movies, which were brilliant to say the least, were, in first place, Italian film ‘The Intruder’ by Leonardo Di Costanza about 60-year-old social worker who, together with her late husband, established a safe-haven community center for disadvantaged children in a crime-infested quarter of Naples, ruled by local mob syndicate the Camorra.

In second place Latin American film ‘Killing Jesus’ by Lura Mora, loosely based on actual events in the director’s own life, the film turns on the assassination of a university professor as witnessed by his daughter Lita, who catches a quick glimpse of the drive-by assassin speeding away on the back of a motorbike. And in third place Czech & Slovakian film "Nina” By Juraj Lehotský about a 12-year-old swimming star who becomes the emotional casualty of her parents' acrimonious separation, in this powerful coming of age story about youth rebelliously standing up to the cruelties and immaturities of adulthood.

Raouf Ben Amor won the prize for best actor for his performance in the French/Tunisian film 'Tunis By Night' and Diamond Abou Abboud won best actress for her awesome performance in the French Lebanese film 'Insyriated.' 

DMC, the official media television sponsor for the festival, provided full coverage including all major and minor events, and even helped organise the closing and opening ceremonies. The TV station also dedicated the event to the late Egyptian star Shadia.

The real highlights of the event though were Nick Cage, Adrian Brody and Academy Award winner Hilary Swank, gracing us with their presence on the red carpet of the closing Ceremony.

Be sure to check out the Festival's Facebook page for more details.

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