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Bassem Youssef Says Muslims Have the Same Attitudes towards Minorities as Trump

Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef made the controversial statement in a live interview on German television, setting social media ablaze.

On Thursday, in an interview with Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), famous Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef claimed that US President Donald Trump's rhetoric towards Muslims and other minorities in the US mirrors the same attitude Arabs and Muslims have towards minorities in their own countries.

"We're afraid that Trump will do to Muslims what many of the majority Muslim countries do to non-Muslims," stated Youssef during the live segment.
His controversial remarks quickly went viral, with many applauding Youssef’s view on the matter, while others shunned it as a pro-Trump Islamophobic attitude that comes poorly timed during an international trend of discrimination against Muslims and Arabs. Here are some of the tweets. 

"Everything Bassem said about our Muslim communities, with all its discrimination, persecution of minorities, rejecting differences and lack of freedom is true. But the timing is wrong."

"Those pathetic people attacking Bassem for saying Muslims are the same as Trump in their countries, do they realize he's right?"

"The scum that is Bassem Youssef said that Trump is doing to Muslims what Muslims do to non-Muslims. Where's that injustice [in the Muslim world] he's talking about?"

"We consider it an insult when someone is from a different religion, we say things like 'you jew' for example. In addition to the fact that we think women are mentally incompetent. Are you surprised by Bassem's remarks?”

"Bassem Youssef: I believe you are more ignorant than sheep."

"Every time Bassem Youssef gives an interview, he screws over the Islamists even more. Now he's not just doing that, he's also threatening the social peace of Muslim societies."

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