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Egyptian-American Doctor Could Become the First Muslim and Youngest Governor in US History

Raised by Egyptian parents in the US, Abdul El-Sayed will be the youngest, and the first Muslim governor in American history if elected in Michigan.

Born to Egyptian immigrant parents, Abdulrahman El-Sayed has just announced his bid for Governor of Michigan in the 2018 Democratic Party primary. If elected, El-Sayed will break Bill Clinton’s record of becoming the youngest state governor in history, as well as becoming the first Muslim to ever be elected as governor, according to Daily News Egypt.

It’s all firsts for El-Sayed; in 2012 when Detroit’s health department was forced to privatise due to a management crisis and bankruptcy, he was appointed as the Executive Director and Health Officer, the youngest in US history, for the city, and was charged with rebuilding the health department. El-Sayed also led significant inspections during the Flint Water Crisis which saw excessive levels of lead in drinking water. 

As a former Health Officer and Executive Director of the Detroit Health Department, a doctor by discipline, a university professor, a political activist in the public service sector, author of hundreds of books, and a Muslim, El-Sayed is believed to have pluralistic visions that encompass all factions of the state of Michigan, even conservatives, named Public Official of the Year by the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

“My focus is, has always been and always will be people… And my work has always been about building and leading the kinds of institutions that create opportunity,” says El-Sayed in his campaign announcement speech.  


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