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Global Militaries Ranked: Egypt Stronger Than Israel

Egypt takes home the 12th spot as Business Insider releases an quantitative analysis of the world's armies.

The Egyptian army have reason to brag this morning as the Business Insider released a Credit Suisse report on the world’s strongest armies. Some of the countries ranked could have been guessed, however Egypt’s position on the list will come to as a surprise as many.

To determine how countries ranked, the report was based on quantitative terms creating a final score by assigning; 5% of total score to active personnel, 10% for tanks, 15% for attack helicopters, 20% for aircrafts, 25% for aircraft carriers, and 25% for submarines.

Using this quantitative formula, Egypt finds itself holding the 12th position with a budget of $4.4 billion providing Egypt with 468,500 active frontline personnel, 4,624 Tanks, 1,107 total aircrafts, and four submarines. It is no surprise that Egypt makes the list as it is the oldest and largest armed forces in the region. What does come as a surprise, is that they are two spots ahead of Israel, but somehow two spots below Turkey.

Israel, with almost four times the budget of Egypt, secures the 14th position with a budget of $17 billion which provides Israel with; 160,000 active frontline personnel, 4,170 tanks, 684 total aircrafts, and 5 submarines. Meanwhile Turkey holds the 10th position, with a budget $18.2 billion providing its armed forces with 410,500 personnel, 3,778 tanks, 1,020 aircraft, and 13 submarines.  

Judging the factors used to create this ranking, Egypt, despite having a significantly smaller budget, likely ranks higher than Israel on the strength of active fronline personnel. Although both countries have mandatory service, Israel is a much smaller nation than Egypt, which is why Egypt’s active army is almost four times the size of Israel. Sharing numbers closer to Turkey, Egypt finds itself behind its regional rival because of its impressive submarine fleet which is over three times larger than Egypt's and is only surpassed by five other countries.

As one could expect, the top three positions are held by global superpowers; America, Russia, and China, respectively. Ranking first are the Americans with a budget of $601 billion, which is more than the next nine countries combined. This massive budget equips the US with; 1.4 million active frontline personnel, 8,848 tanks, 13,892 aircraft, and 72 submarines.

These numbers dwarf Russia who spends $84.5 billion which has equipped them with; 766,055 active frontline personnel, 15,398 tanks, 3,429 aircraft, and 55 submarines. Meanwhile China comes in third, with a budget of $216 billion providing; 2,333,000 active frontline personnel, 9,150 tanks, 2,860 aircraft, and 67 submarines.  

There is no denying that Egypt has a strong army, even if it pales in comparison to the top three. With Egypt announcing recent arm deals with France, Russia, and the US, one can assume that Egypt will continue to hold their current position if not possibly rising a spot or two in the next years.

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