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Thomas Cook Set to Operate 36 Weekly Flights to Egypt

Winter's coming, and with it comes the operation of 36 weekly flights to Egypt by airliner Thomas Cook.

Amid the ripple effects of the floatation of the Egyptian pound – like the increase of EgyptAir airfare, AUC tuition hikes causing strikes, and a drastic cut on imported medicine – there's finally some good news. According to Egypt Independent, Thomas Cook will be increasing its flights to Egypt this winter, with a total of 36 weekly flights to various Egyptian cities. 

The news site cites Tourism Minister Yehia Rashed noting the positive changes in the stereotypical image of Egyptian tourist destinations as he spoke to an Egyptian journalistic delegation at the World Travel Market in London. The minister went on to elaborate that international media outlets are shifting in their perceptions of Egyptian destinations, praising recent security measures now in place at Egyptian airports.

Decision-makers in the private tourism sectors have been awaiting the resumption of the flights, eager to see the ban lifted, Rashed asserted.


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