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3rd Cairo International Exhibition of Innovation Comes to Life This Weekend

They're going to put us to shame for thinking innovation is finding a way for our bed space to accommodate our wardrobe, laptop, pizza boxes, and being close enough to a plug.

Humanity has witnessed some awesome inventions, like toilet paper, barbecue grills, and ice cream machines; these things were each someone's innovative solution to make life easy – most likely geeky kids sketching out their ideas in class while we rolled our boogers between our fingers. The adult version of this is the Cairo Innovation Exhibition that's happening this weekend on November 19th and 20th, in direct contrast with those of us who'll be embracing the art of lying in bed. 

Now in its third incarnation, the exhibition – hosted by Cairo Innovates and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology – will be taking place at the Cairo Citadel as part of the annual Global Entrepreneurship week. Not only will it include a showcase of cool creations, but there will also be lectures that explain how these strange inventions came to life, and workshops that get our brain cells racing for the next big idea. Successful entrepreneurship ideas stem from creative and forward-thinking minds; in the same vain, this particular exhibition highlights how innovations are useful when it comes to fighting ignorance, poverty, and injustice, working toward bettering the human condition and the general improvement of livelihoods.

The organising committee promises things we've never seen before – fingers crossed for a portable boyfriend who agrees with everything we say – in the biggest event to bring together scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs in one place to inspire each other and share their knowledge.

Check out the event page for information on how to get your tickets and exact location!

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