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This New Sahel Restobar Will Help You Get Your Cheers On

Cheers Sahel looks to be the North Coast's hottest spot this year.

As summer rolls in and the thought of Sahel weekends looms, those long hours at the office don’t seem so terrible. And while we look forward to lounging by the pool, we find it more exciting with a cocktail in hand and good music in the background. Just picture our summer vaycays with unlimited piña coladas, watermelon martinis and perhaps a platter of scrumptious Lebanese mezzas to keep the intoxication in-check.

Cheers Sahel is here to deliver just that. The popular Maadi-based bar has just opened a new spot at Bianchi in Sidi Abdel Rahman. The masterminds behind this new exciting venture are Amr Hosny, Cairo based event management guru, Ahmed HarfousH, London based international jazz entertainer, and Victor Sobki, architect and designer extraordinaire.Setting up shop at the Bianchi clubhouse, Cheers Sahel is equipped with a pool (open from 10am to 6pm), a cocktail bar, a rooftop shisha lounge, a breakfast parlour and a whole lot of entertainment. Thursday nights will offer exciting DJ music till the wee hours of the morning ranging from pop, to R&B, to the latest contemporary dance music. Friday nights will be extra special with the new theme, El Leila El Kebeera, featuring Egyptian megastars, bellydancers and Egyptian DJ music.

Cheers Sahel is where you'll find us this on those summer nights with cocktails, music, shisha, nibbles, pool and dancing....isn't that what summer is essentially about?

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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