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Egypt Celebrates Social Media Day with Mashable

Instagrammers, Facebookers and even Snapchatters are ready to unite on the Greek Campus grounds as Egypt joins in celebrating international social media day on the 12th and 13th of June. We find out more...

Networking, meaningful discussion, workshops and success stories galore as Social Media day hits up The Greek Campus. With over 21 million followers, 42 million unique visitors and a knack for the next big thing, it makes sense that the monstrous Mashable host the international event in over 150 countries.

The two day event will be rich in all things social media, “this is the third year for Egypt to host such an important event there will be talks, workshops, successful case studies and a job fair,” tells us team member, Donia Helaly.

The event will be studded with digital revolutionaries from all around. Whether you Instagram every phyto-second of your life along with what you ate for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner or tweet every opinion that crosses your mind, update your Facebook status with every break up, make up and drama you go through or simply interested in the ever-growing world of social media marketing, then this an unmissable event.

Social media has become a part of our lives whether you like it or not or whether you realise it or not and as an industry, Egypt continues to be ahead of the curve. The event is a platform for networking and brainstorming as well as the opportunity to meet with the many success stories from the industry. Interestingly the event will illustrate the different dynamics of the social media world. One of the most exciting sessions is one led by a Buzzfeed reporter who will be discussing the relationship of journalism and social media. Meanwhile, Egyweb founder Ahmed El Rifai well explain the importance of digital PR and why everyone keeps saying the word 'influencer'. Most interestingly is a whole segment about the cult phenomenon that is Asa7be Sarcasm Society - yes, the creators of those memes you can't help but share will be on hand.

For tickets click here.


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