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Giza To Host Egypt’s First High-Tech Smart and Educational City

Could this be the advent of Egypt's educational future?

smart green city in egypt

Tuesday saw the announcement of a new ‘smart’ city to be built in Giza governorate by iSharp Communications, a company which is based on improving and modernising infrastructure networks.

Ashraf Hazin, iSharp’s Managing Director for the Middle East, announced that the smart city will cover a total of 25 feddans in Giza, and will include British, French, American and German educational hubs, as well as an Olympian sports school and an advanced Science Museum implementing virtual reality technology.

The smart city will be implementing unorthodox methods of education, like education through practice, entertainment, and media.

Hazin reportedly stated that the buildings will all be eco-friendly, and will have modern and tech-savvy design.

“Our vision is to transform the society into a smarter, securer and easier place to live in, and our mission is to simplify our customers’ lives through the effective use of innovative technologies,” Hazin said.

Main image from Science ABC.

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