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Egypt's Traffic Authorities Launch Hotline for Citizens to Report Unlicensed Parking Valets

Egypt's traffic authorities launched a phone service for car owners to report unlicensed valets charging parking fees.

In a phone call with Masr Radio station, Brigadier General Emad Hammad, Media Relations Director at Cairo's traffic authority, announced that a phone service has been set up to receive citizen complaints and reports on cases of imposing parking fees by unlicensed valets(sayess). Hammad urged citizens to contact traffic authorities on 0115555444, in case they're asked to pay a fee by anyone not authorised to do so by municipal authorities, reports Al Ahram.

Hammad added that practising the parking valet profession without a license, which should be visible at all times, is considered a felony punishable by law, assuring citizens of immediate response by traffic authorities to all cases reported on the aforementioned number.

"Stricter police campaigns are reinforced to crackdown on unlicensed parking valets, but we need citizens' support to limit the phenomena," Hammad concluded.

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