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Egyptian Olympics Committee, Harley Davidson, Novartis and More Team-Up for World Cancer Day

This year, a whole host of influential institutions are coming together to make a real difference.

This year working under the theme, We Can, I Can, World Cancer Day in Egypt is set to see the likes of the Kasr Al Ainy Oncology Center, the Egyptians Olympics Committee, Novartis and Harley Davidson all do their part for an annual occasion that continues to expand its goal of raising awareness of cancer across the globe.

Lead by two of the most active patient support groups in the country, the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt and CML Egypt, this year’s activities include unique features, such as a Harley Davidson-sponsored motorcycle ride, which will see hundreds of bikers make their way from Kasr Al Ainy Street to various sporting clubs around the city, including Heliopolis, Al Ahly, Maadi, El Gezira and the branches of the Shooting Club to help raise awareness of a disease that kills 8.8 million people per year around the world.

But beyond these types of activities and stunts, World Cancer Day aims to not only raise awareness, but to also put change into action, as Novarits Oncology General Manager, Sherif Amin, asserts.

“We’ve all been touched by cancer in some way and our mission is to help improve the lives of cancer patients. At Novartis, we are committed to the discovery and development of innovative medicines that transform the way people live with cancer.”

It’s this spirit of actually implementing change in terms of improving access to cancer care, giving sufferers a platform to make their voices heard, empowering them to take control of their journey and effecting and shaping relevant policy that all parties involved are working towards. The collaboration was announced earlier today at a special press conference.

It’s a seemingly never-ending task, but one that continues to evolve, with advances in treatment raising survival rates for cancer patients between 50% and 70%. Even revolutionary new treatments for breast cancer at both early and advanced stages have increased life expectancy in many patients, while chronic myeloid leukemia has all but gone from a fatal to a chronic condition controllable by oral treatment.

It all speaks well of World Cancer Day’s tangible effects, but as all involved understand, there’s still a long way to go.

For more on this year’s World Cancer Day activities, follow the hashtags #ICanWeCan, #WorldCancerDay and #انا_اقدر_احنا_نقدر.


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