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Electric Disco

This Tuesday Tamarai gets electrified, courtesy of disco duo Misty & Hafez...

DJing duo Misty & Hafez are set to spark up your summer with the launch of Electric Disco at Tamarai. The prolific turntable maestros - who've played alongside the likes of CrazIbiza and Erick Morillo - will be infusing the Tamarai terrace with underground Synth-Pop, Deep House and Retro Tech House, all underpinned by their signature Disco sound, every Tuesday. We asked the cheeky chaps behind the new weekly night to tell us more…

So how did the idea of Electric Disco come about?
We wanted to introduce an underground, "anti-commercial" night. Personally, we're huge fans of disco music to the point where all the tracks we've produced have elements and samples of the genre. Put that together with Electronic music - Deep and Tech House - and you have The Electric Disco.

Why did you choose Tamarai?
We personally love the venue. It's a beautiful club! The terrace itself got voted among the top 100 clubs in the world. Team that space with uplifting House music and retro neon lights and it makes for an unforgettable experience.




What can we expect from Electric Disco?
We want people to come in with an open mind. Every club needs its commercial nights to operate but this isn't one of them. If you're the kind that goes up to the DJ to request Gangnam Style then maybe the Electric Disco isn't for you.

Every week you’ll be inviting an international guest DJ to join you, starting with Tapesh… So who else do you have in store for us?

We've got a pretty full schedule and we'll be flying in some pretty big names on the scene. Nothing we can announce now, but we're sure everyone's going to love it.

Why did you choose Tapesh for the first event?

We picked Tapesh because we've been listening to him for the past 5 years and his music is honestly amazing. He's known for sampling Hip Hop and 80's disco music which makes him the perfect guest for our launch night

What do you think Tapesh’s favorite Tapas is?

His favorite tapas? Tortillas maybe?

Book your spot for the launch of Electric Disco using

As always will be on call and capturing all the Electric Disco action as it goes down!

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