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Fibers Club Opens New Rehab City Location

Rehab City residents have a new place to sweat it out in style with the new Fibers Club location.

Fibers Club, the exclusive high end health club, just opened it’s shiny new Rehab branch. Healthy fit people of the area rejoice! But not with ice cream because that wouldn't be very healthy and fit of you.

Joining the branches in First Mall and Maadi, the new Rehab location is of the same stellar quality, featuring state of the art equipment, machines, and power plates to burn calories in the most hi-tech manner possible. The facility also includes group exercise classes for those of you who hate to work out alone, alongside martial arts, boxing, and kick boxing schools.

Exclusivity is the name of the game with the only Queenex suspension training and circuit training systems in Egypt. Because fancypants. Five-star changing rooms, exclusive ladies workout area, and kids area ensures that everyone has a place to belong. And with an expert team of nutritionists and a juice bar that serves protein shakes and post workout meals, it’ll be hard to ever leave.


Check them out on Facebook and Instagram @FibersClub

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