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Get Motivated at The Talk

With a roster of inspirational speakers from every industry, the AUC is overrun with motivation today.

The Talk. No we’re not talking about the talk your parents give you when you enter a stage of raging hormones in your early teenage years pondering important life questions such as 'where do babies come from?'. We are talking about The Talk presented to you by AUC's PAL (Peer Advising Leader Program), designed to inspire, educate and inform today's students. Bringing together some of the most influential personalities in Egypt today, including some notable AUC graduates, the event is shaping to be a real must-attend for students, still looking for their passions, taking place at AUC's Bassily Hall on May 3rd.

Let us just start off by saying we all have goals (at least we hope you do) and it can be a serious pain in the ass to reach those goals sometimes. Whether it is motivational issues, time issues or just finding your passion, we can all agree that college years can be quite complicated. Well this seminar with several motivational and guest speakers should help with that. Designed to enlighten you with formulas to success and how to achieve your goals, if you’re in a bit of a slump and need an extra boost then you can’t miss out on this.

Kicking off the seminar from 5PM will be the renowned actor Sherif Mounir. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, ask your parents as he is one of the hardest working actors in the Egyptian industry today. Ashraf Abdel Baqi will be there too, speaking about independent theatre and the importance of keeping the art form alive, despite his cinematic success.

Even the Egyptian striker Emad Meteb will be present and giving a speech on how to motivate yourself in high-pressure situations, while Be Fit Egypt's Aly Mazhar will focus on sports-based entrepreneurship.

For those of a more musical inclination, Cairokee's lead singer Amir Eid will be sharing his and his band's success story, while unstoppable actress and AUC graduate Yosra El Lozy will speak about her journey from school plays to silver screen.

Lauded poet, songwriter and all-round intellectual will also be giving a talk about grass roots cultural and arts movements, and we're hoping tha this speech rhymes.

If fashion is more your thing, you can't miss model of the moment Tara Emad's talk about making it in the cut throar industry, while #InstaFamous Hadia Ghaleb will share her stories of leveraging social media for creative branding and advertising. 

With over a dozen other speakers, including some of the most influential and integral current AUC students, this is shaping up to be the perfect event for young Egyptians looking for some direction. Click here for more details and find out how to get tickets.

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