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Meet Egypt's First Female Bodyguard

You thought the field of bodybuilding and bodyguarding was only for men? Hind Wajih tells you to think again.

The idea of female bodyguards isn't a very common one. We all heard (and joked) about the late Gaddafi's pack of female bodyguards, but no one really thought that could become a reality in Egypt, where the majority of people seem to think that women are somehow, for some mysterious reason, physically weak(er).

One woman seems intent on changing this stereotype: Hind Wajih – one of Egypt's first and few female bodyguards whose background, according to Al Arabiya, varies from Muay Thai to Karate, to Kung Fu and Aikido, to football defense on an all-women football team. 

Wajih studied physiotherapy and physical education in university, trained for bodybuilding at a company, and then, she was able to work in protecting ambassadors and diplomats after having completed a course at the German Institution. However, the journey was a long and difficult one for Wajih, who shared the fact that many gyms wouldn't initially hire her because of her gender. The iron lady, who is still in her 20s, is currently hired by public figures, VIPs, and some celebrities – but according to Al Bawaba, she dreams of one day protecting President Al Sisi himself. 

"I learned to anticipate danger, and how to use weapons safely as a reaction,'' she told Al-Mehwar TV's talk show 90 Minutes. Wajih also insisted that her job doesn't strip her of her femininity, and that simply put, ''There's no difference between men and women on the ground.''

While Wajih posing with a gun is nothing short of terrifying, her skills and training are still incredibly impressive. See for yourself: 

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