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Sama El Masry is Getting Sued for "Offending Egyptians' Religious Sentiments"

Egyptian belly dancer, Sama Al Masry triggered controversial reactions from Egyptians following the announcement of her ramadan show.

Following the release of Egyptian belly dancer Sama Al Masry’s promo video for her upcoming ramadan show, Egyptian lawyer Tariq Mahmoud filed a case against the entertainer at Alexandria's prosecution court on Monday, reports Egypt Independent. 

Claiming that Al Masry is offending Egyptians' religious sentiment, Mahmoud has requested that investigations into the case start immediately and that the belly dancer be put on trial.

The belly dancer's Ramadan promo video - which went viral on social media - incited mixed feelings among the Egyptian populace with emotions divided between anger and anticipation. Taking to twitter, the masses have spoken out about their feelings concerning the belly dancer’s upcoming show.

Check out the video below:

And here are some of the twitter responses:


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