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Tok Tok Drift Goes to Dubai

The brains behind the ingenious TokTok Drift will be presenting their latest innovations at Dubai's World Games Expo.

The creators of the infamous TokTok Drift game are showcasing their latest software success at one of the world's largest game trade shows.

Apps Innovate are heading for Dubai's super glitzy World Games Expo games exhibition, due to be held from October 27 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This year's event will see the giants of gaming team up to show off the latest technology on the market.

Speaking about the team's showcase at the prestigious conferences, Apps Innovate boss Kareem Abdullatif tells Cairo Scene: "We are showing 'TokTok Drift' which is sort of our first baby and we are very proud of.

"But we are also showing 3 new games that we are waiting for the Playstore to have on the market under the names '360', 'SyncSwitch' and 'Lou Run'.

"We are also showing some of the games that we have sold to several corporates, which were made for PC use, smartphones and tabs as well as Xbox Kinect based games."

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