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VIDEO: UNHCR's Voices for Refugees Brings Together MENA Influencers to Help

UNHCR's Voices for Refugees initiative has launched a viral video campaign bringing together MENA region's biggest influencers to help 2,000 refugees get off the waiting list this month.

Syria’s refugee crisis continues to worsen as there's still no sign of a peaceful resolution on the horizon. Tired of waiting, UNHCR's Voices For Refugees initiative has enlisted the help of Egypt and the region’s popular influencers to raise awareness with a video campaign that will help them reach their December goal of helping 2,000 refugee families get off the waiting list and move on with their lives.

The touching video features beloved actor Sherif Fayed alongside various MENA social media influencers including comedian Max of Arabia, travel blogger Fly with Haifa, Omar Hussein, funnyman Mohanad H, and Loay Alshareef, among others.

The poignant videos highlights that we all hate waiting, be it in traffic or in a line-up, but that our everyday waiting doesn’t compare to the thousands of refugees on waiting lists to start moving on with their lives in the aftermath of war.

The UNHRC has set a goal of getting 2,000 refugees off the waiting list this month, but in order to make this a reality, they need your help. The crisis will not be solved with a post, so instead of sharing an opinion on this tragic situation on social media, consider donating and helping an organisation that is actually making a difference in the lives of refugees.

For more information on how to help please visit Voices for Refugees' Facebook Page.

Photo from Voice For Refugees.

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