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Video: Sylvester The Cat and Bugs Bunny Caught on Camera at Gravity Code

We caught this video at Cairo's most fun trampoline park.

The thing about adulthood is you never really realise you have entered this stage of human development until your knees start squeaking and your love handles start jiggling every time you sneeze, by which point, it’s probably too late to pursue your dream of joining the dream team because the only thing you can dunk is your morning doughnut. But who said we must stick to reality? Frankly, reality is boring most of the time. Why can't we just jump through a hole through time and space to reach a world where reality and adulthood are creatures of myth? Farfetched, right? Well, Sylvester the Cat and Bugs Bunny beg to differ.

The mystical creatures were caught on video at Egypt's first trampoline park, Gravity Code, in what seems like a trippy real life re-enactment of the already-bizarre 90s classic Space Jam. If you have ever dreamed of taking on the Monstars, then we highly suggest bouncing your way into Gravity Code to make this childhood dream into a reality.  

For more information please visit Gravity Code Facebook Page or Instagram

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