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Boogie On Down with Boogie & Tamtam at CJC

Cairo Jazz Club is hosting a funky farewell bash to Cairo’s nightlife as we know it, and you get a premium chance at getting low with the pivotal puppets themselves.

It’s about to be that time of year again, folks; a time when families come closer together, when Cairo’s bustling streets mellow out and piety rises to an all-time high. It’s also a time where Cairo's nightlife goes into hibernation mode for a whole 30-odd days, so it’s only fitting that the prolific party people behind Cairo Jazz Club would throw a celebration unlike any other to welcome this holiest of months.

This coming 14th of May, just a day (or maybe two) before the embargo on Egypt’s nightlife begins, Cairo’s party-hungry hippos can waltz in and bathe their hearts, minds and ears in the boogielicious beats and breaks of Cairo’s resident sonic junkie, Ramy the DJunkie, while they enjoy one (or five) last drink(s) before the booze go bye-bye. Seeing as it’s about to be Ramadan and all, the guests of honour will be none other than childhood icons and harbingers of all things Ramadan, Boogie and Tamtam; every egyptian’s favourite felt monkey (is he a monkey?) and rabbit-girl-thing. Will they be raving with the crowd? Will they do shots out of each other’s navels? Will old man Shakshak be manning the sets alongside Ramy? Who the hell even knows.

Only one way to find out though, get yourself there at 10 PM sharp and try not to pass out, or let boogie convince you into going home with him, you never know what he’s about.

For more info, head to the event’s Facebook page, and follow CJC on Facebook and Instagram for more valuable life experiences.

Phoro from CairoZoom.

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