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English Will be Taught in Public School Kindergartens For the First Time in Egypt

The Ministry of Education is doing a major revamp to the Egyptian public school system.

kindergarten kids egypt

The education system in Egypt is currently going through a major revamp, with news coming out regarding major amends in the past weeks; it’s been announced that English is set to be taught in public school kindergartens for the first time, according to Al Mal.

The announcement was made by Minister of Education Tarek Shawky, adding that English will be taught as a separate subject from other subjects like science and mathematics, as public schools in Egypt use Arabic as the primary language in teaching.

This new system is set up so that students acquire the basics of the English language, in order to study science and mathematics in English in the first year of elementary school.

The new curriculum will be based on four pillars: teaching the child who they are, learning about the world around them and how the world works along with developing methods of communication and respect for others. The new books, which are completely owned by the ministry, are completed and ready to be distributed.

Along with the addition of English classes for our little tikes, the Ministry of Education promises to deliver internet access to an additional 2180 schools, with a target of 2382 schools in total.

Back in July, at the Sixth National Conference for Youth in Cairo University, Dr. Tarek Shawky announced that as part of the new education system, no exams would take place for first to fourth grade students, and students will be allowed to take a book with them to the exam. He stresses that this can help students develop new skills, and move away from the superficial way of learning and memorising.

It was also recently announced that students’ exams will become digitised, and Samsung is offering one million tablets to the Egyptian education system.

Main image from Aga Khan Development Network

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