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H2U: Egypt's First Water Delivery and Plastic Recycling App

Get your water delivered courtesy of Bread Crumbs Studio's newest innovative app.

If there’s anything you thought couldn’t merit having an app in this day and age, you’d be sorely (but pleasantly) mistaken; you can find apps for anything from figuring out how to realign your chakra to managing your very own cat garden (I have an unhealthy obsession with Neko-Atsume). But in an effort to make people’s lives that much easier in addition to giving something back to the community, Bread Crumbs Studio LLC has just introduced their new app, H2U.

H2U is an app you can use to fill all your watery needs with a click (press, swipe, whathaveyou) of a button. H2U provides water delivery straight to your doorstep and does you one extra; they’ll clear your conscience about all those plastic water bottles lying around your house (and car), essentially cleaning up your deplorable environmental hazards for recycling, with proceeds from that put towards setting up reliable, clean fresh water sources in the more rural and out of touch areas of Egypt.

So, why use an app to order water you ask? Well for those of us who neither enjoy phone calls nor rising delivery prices, H2U is a perfect alternative.

With as much as 65 percent of plastic going nowhere in Egypt, a country not so well-known for recycling or waste management, any initiative geared towards cleaning up the country’s waste issue and putting it to good use is something be proud of.

You can get your virtual hands on H2U on both the App Store and Google's Play store. Currently their services stretch to the western side of Cairo, catering to Zamalek, Mohandeseen, Agouza, Dokki, Downtown, Manial and Garden City, but with enough steam and attention, they hope to expand to cover the entirety of Cairo.

Here’s hoping H2U finds a place in the phones of many a thirsty Egyptian in the future.

To download H2U, head over to the App Store or Play store.

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