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Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh Ranked Top Two Luxury Holiday Destinations on a Budget

You don’t need to sell an organ to finance your next summer adventure.

Yes, we’ve seen it all. Our Instagram feed is filled with rich kids hopping on their jets to the next big destination. But for the rest of the world, going to Bali or The Maldives for the weekend may not be a tangible dream.

Luckily for all you globetrotters, you can get all those Insta-wins AND chillax by beautiful beaches ON A BUDGET! Being a home for pocket-friendly voyagers, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh were ranked as the top two cheapest luxury holiday destinations according to Arab News.

The report published by Skyscanner - a leading travel fare aggregator website - lists the average cost of the two cities at an estimate of $106 to $122 a night at any five-star hotel.

Cairo, on the other hand, ranked at 40 comes in at an average cost of $254 per night at a luxury hotel.

Other Arab countries made the list, with UAE’s Sharjah ranking fifth at $137 per night, and Abu Dhabi at $221, landing it the 26th spot.

So if you know someone looking for their next summer destination, let them know that Om El Donia has it all. 

Main image from Kuoni.

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