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Jude Benhalim's "Digital Citizen" : A Bold & Stylish Intersection Between Art and Technology

Jude Benhalim condemns our increasingly digital world in her latest summer collection

Time and time again, Jude Benhalim Collections has proved that it was not afraid to take risks, consistently reinventing itself with each collection. Jude is not one to shy away from making bold statements, going as far as naming one of her previous collections “Urban Rebel”, as well as once launching a Valentine’s Day campaign empowering women in a land where it is still very much needed. Jude Benhalim boldly tackles gender-related ideologies, which have become a major conceptual force behind her brand. Her goal is simple: “To encourage women to powerfully embrace and express their individuality.”

Today we are blessed with another collection by the jewellery goddess, Digital Citizen, and it continues in the domain of social activism, with symbolic pieces that make an artistic statement about the incredible hold technology has on modern life. Humans today are so dependent on technology that it sometimes feels like our mobile phones have become part of our body, stuck to the palm of our hands.

The release of this collection created a lot of noise on social media; with over 150 females posting an image of themselves wearing one of the collection’s intricate pieces, inciting conversation on an issue that is highly symbolic of our times. Along with the release of this collection, the young Egyptian worked with Cairo-based photographer Malak El Sawi on a photo shoot titled "An Ode to Womanhood: Not All Is Lost," which again embraces women, touching on diversity and acceptance of the female form.


Our increasingly digital world was a source of inspiration for this collection, with a stylish (or elegant, tasteful) fusion of art and technology in a world that seems increasingly robotic. The collection, which features an array of 925 sterling silver and gold-plated brass pieces, includes icons and symbols that we see on a daily basis in our interactions with technology, such as tangled wires, spirals, and hoops. Other elements of our eternally plugged-in lives includes bar codes, pixels, and the detailed artistry behind it all manages to make us fall in love with the universally despised loading wheel as well as the infuriating tangled wires.

The high quality proudly-local craftsmanship and the designer’s love for colours shine through, with each piece of resin designed and crafted by hand.

Check her out on Instagram here and her official website here.

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