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Cairo Metro Boosts Activity and Working Hours this Ramadan

Despite the recent ticket debacle, Cairo’s busy metro is picking up the pace this holy month.

In an effort to try and make life a little bit easier (regardless of recent circumstances) for Cairo’s eternally-endeavoured denizens, the Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation (ECMMO) will be upping their transit activities throughout Ramadan in all three lines, following direct orders from Minister of Transport, Hesham Arafat.

According to Arafat’s statement, the metro’s operating hours will be running bright and early since 5:30 AM, all the way to 2:00 AM, with about 1614 trips arranged per day across all three lines, in order to accommodate folks’ transportation needs between work, Iftar and Suhour. Ambulances will also be distributed over various stations in order to counteract any medical emergencies, and will be coordinating with all surrounding hospitals. In case things get a bit too hectic, additional trips will be deployed at the first and second lines to help balance things out.

Ticket windows will also see a boost to help cut down on the daily slog that Cairo’s metro entails, though you’ll probably only see them increased in high intensity stations, the likes of Attaba and Ramses.

Photo credit: Ahmed Al-Malky


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