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Get Yourself A T-Shirt and Help Our Furry Friends Out

Egypt’s animal shelters need our help, and The Sahara Collection store in Cairo is giving us a chance to save a paw.

Assuming you’re not some cruel, unloved monster, we’re going to bet you like animals, and so do we. All the floofers and poofers out there need all the help they can get in this harsh world of ours, and thanks to the Sahara Collection’s “Save A Paw” line of T-shirts, you can dress to impress and help our furbabies out at the same time.

The Sahara Collection, a local chain of clothing and accessories stores in both Zamalek and Diplo, are offering a fine selection of some minimalist, chic T-shirts, the proceeds of which will go entirely to the various animal shelters across Egypt. Think about all the little voiceless floofy friends who need food, medicine and much better living conditions. They deserve a better life, and you deserve better T-shirts, so it’s a fluffy win-win in our humble opinion.

What’s the Sahara Collection, you ask? They’re a pretty trendy brand aiming to bring together Egypt’s culturally diverse mélange of retro arts and elements with modern-day haute couture, putting it all on some of the comfiest threads. The Sahara Collection’s artistic direction draws heavily from the authentic heritage of tribal cultures, both from Egypt and Africa. So get out there and buy yourself a T for the furbabies, their little paws need it.

Head over to the Sahara Collections' Facebook Page for more info and fun cool stuff to buy.

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