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Chocolate Bar: Where Spaghetti Meets Chocolate

Chocolate Bar makes great chocolate dessert that can also double as dinner, sometimes... maybe.

Medicine is science; doctors say too much chocolate is bad for you; therefore, science says chocolate is bad for you. On the other hand, a recent study has found that the higher the country’s chocolate consumption, the more Nobel laureates it has, which should make everybody a genius... but Kim Kardashian has over 65 million followers on Instagram, so it would be safe to say that everyone is not a genius. So, science is decidedly wrong and so is medicine, and chocolate is, in fact, good for you.

Anyway, now that we have dismantled the ‘chocolate is bad for you’ argument, we can proceed to introducing you to our newest chocolate obsession: chocolate spaghetti. Yes, that’s a thing - a many-splendoured sweet sweet thing! Where could we have possibly made this discovery? Chocolate Bar! Out of dozens of chocolate-y menu items, such as ice cream rolls and spaghetti ice cream, this is their crowd-pleasing doozie. The venue’s signature spaghetti sundae with kunafa and caramel sauce is rumoured to widen smiles - and hips. Curious? Well, you too can be fat and happy! The best thing is that even your boring weight-watching friends can tag along, because Chocolate Bar makes some awesome fat free frozen yoghurt. While we're not big believers in fat free anything at all, these guys pose quite the challenge to our perceptions.

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