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Mori Sushi Turns 11 this Saturday

And to celebrate, they're rebooting their #HowIRoll 50% promotion and have us eat our own body weight in Spicy Lemon Rolls.

The shogun of the Sushi empire in Egypt, Mori Sushi has been living up to its hype for years, indulging us in creative rolls and vibrant sashimi platters. Since they opened their doors in 2007, 6 million of us have gobbled up over 15 million of their pieces; and according to Mori’s statistics, the Spicy Lemon Roll, which they'd invented, has been the real show.

They’re about to celebrate their 11th birthday this Saturday at all 14 branches - and I guess you know what that means; like they’ve been doing for the past four years, they’ll let us feast on mountains upon mountains of their sushi (to the point of catatonia of course) at a 50 percent discount off the bill. Before you start stuffing your face with California rolls, all you have to do is take an epic picture of your order and get your X-pro II or Valencia filters ready to post on Instagram (as if you weren’t already going to do that) with #HowIRoll, and mention @MoriSushi.

Mori is chopsticking its way into our hearts, without breaking the bank - and that, for sushi aficionados, is the gold seal of approval. There are no reservations, it’s first come, first serve but no discouragement here - last year they served 10,000 customers and 100,000 sushi pieces. 

Check out Mori Sushi's Instagram page here.

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