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This New Man Cave in Cairo is the Perfect Getaway With the Boys

This is every man's ideal getaway spot.

Remember the good old days, when a weekend meant playing a round of playstation with your friends? The days pre-alcohol and drama? Well those days seem to be making a comeback in a newer and more improved form. The Cave, is the new playstation cafe that has opened up a few months ago in Madinat Nasr and it's every man’s ideal spot for gaming and chilling. Women are welcome too of course!

The venue which is designed to LITERALLY look like a cave is made up of several rooms that are each equipped with a Playstation and an Xbox. They've also got a movie room and extensive library of films in different genres. There's something for everyone. Maybe leave your girlfriend in the movie room while you kick ass on the console. 

Founder, Bahaa Gamel Saad, who is an avid Playstation-er himself wanted to bring something a little different to the scene with the design and he's making sure his clientele keep their energy levels up for their ass-whooping, with a menu of sugary treats. 

“I wanted to do something different and new, something that no one else had. So I designed the place exactly like a cave and we’ve got great desserts as well,” says Saad. 

Well, now you know where to find us this weekend with a console in one hand and a molten ice cream in the other. 

Check them out on Facebook.

Photos taken from Remood and The Cave.

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