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The BRGR Truck Hits Gouna for Eid

Egypt's first mobile food truck is heading to the beach for Eid like it's supposed to be - full of meat!

Eid is approaching and so the craving for juicy meat, holidays and good weather begins. Our current favourite BRGR Truck, famous for being the first real, mobile food truck in Egypt, have decided to take control of the wheel and move to El Gouna. After the delicious burger masters had Sahel all over their vehicle this summer, they've decided to do everyone a favour by traveling to the hottest Eid spot of the season and serving their delicacies, turning a gorgeous destination into a juicier place.

The mouthwatering grill masters are already setting up their truck to settle in El Gouna from 21st-27th September in the new marina. Their signature mixture of different types of meat wrapped with freshly baked patties and desired veggies has certainly brought Sahel to its knees and we can't wait to hear all about how it ignites El Gouna's food scene.

Follow them around in their tasty journey through Instagram.

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