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This New Zamalek Joint is Making Healthy Food Actually Delicious

For when you want juice blends loaded with benefits or delicious salads. Not to mention... you can make your own peanut butter when you're there.

Healthy food has had a bad rep for being bland and downright tasteless. That’s why it’s great news when you don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds and choke down boiled chicken breasts or scary, soggy kale leaves to stay healthy. Practically made for post-spin-class lunch dates, Self is a new superfood eatery in Zamalek with a menu full of healthy grabs and please-Instagram-me vibes.

They’ve got a variety of salad options – from Honey Chevre Salad to the classic Cobb and whole-grain bowls filled with quinoa and heaps of veggies. However, the real fun happens when you mix your own salad. Their peanut butter, banana & yogurt-and-granola parfait is our top pick for breakfast, and the Chicken Parmesan sandwich's just an excellent lunch. Healthy staples aside, at Self you can make your own deliciously creamy peanut butter using their own special machine - literally stick some peanuts in it and out comes the peanut butter. Kind of like an ice-cream machine, except you don’t really stick in ice to get ice-cream… So not really like an ice-cream machine.
“We’re healthy but not obsessed. We don’t count calories, we quantify self-care. Our lives do not necessarily revolve around fad workouts, juice cleanses or detox. We simply want people to be well and happy,” says Mazen Nadim, founder of Self.
Self is combining their good-for-you ingredients into super fruit blends – using the nut milk of your choice; almond, coconut or pistachio. Their good, cold-pressed juices will rock your world, each one filled with plant-based fats and proteins.  The only thing better than that? The fact that they all taste like they’re made with ice cream. (You can’t go wrong with the energizing banana, date and espresso blend of delight).

Self is the best way to get our taste buds out of the fast-food gutter.

Check their Instagram page here.

Photo Credits: Malak Nour

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