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Coppermelt Just Opened in Maadi and Their Ramadan Desserts are Decadently Divine

Now you can have your cake and eat it… in MAADI.

We love Maadi; the trees, the flowers, the serene mix of suburban and metropolitan architecture, and perhaps most significant of all; the immense variety of foods both sweet and savoury. Although Cairo’s proverbial arboreal city is absolutely brimming with all manner of culinary confections for the sweet tooth in each of us, it was always lacking one crucial component; Coppermelt’s decadent (and rich) selection of sweets and treats. It just doesn’t feel right without our sweet prince around.

Well that’s no longer the case, seeing as Coppermelt has just waltzed its way into the elven landscapes of Maadi, and we couldn’t be happier that it did when it did; Ramadan is in the air, boys and girls. Although modernity is often a curse for most, when it comes to our seasonal sweet tooth, it’s quite the blessing; Coppermelt’s range of Ramadan-flavoured confectionary concoctions is just what you need to fill that sugary gap on your dinner table, and we’ve picked out just a few examples of what they have to offer this year.

A melting pot of old and new, this chocolaty basbousa bomb is a work of art.

This oriental discovery is what happens when dates, chocolate, caramel, crumbs and a Ramadan vibes come together.
Putting an aesthetically French touch on tried and true konafa can never go wrong, and neither can you with these gateaux.
A classic among classics now more than ever, Coppermelt's mango konafa bowl is a thing of confectionery beauty.

The folks over at Coppermelt sure have a thing for timing, and with their new Maadi branch fully functional and rearing its delicious engines to enlighten people's dinner tables at Iftar, this is one for the company's history books. Coppermelt hope to pepper all corner of Egypt with their sweet and savouryy treats with about 40 stores by 2020, apart from the parlours they already have in Dokki, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, Korba, Nasr City, Mohandeseen, Alexandria North Coast's Telal and at every Fresh Foods Market branch. Till then, though, we have some dentist bills to work towards, so cheers.

Visit the new Maadi branch at building no. 41, street 216, Degla, Maadi, make sure to follow their scrumptious Facebook page for more updates, and if you feel like booking yourself one of their majestic treats, give them a call on 01288880555.

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