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Nineteen Twenty Five's Lunch Hours Are Now A Thing

Just looking at these sinfully gorgeous dishes is making us reevaluate our choice in food.

When trying to sell the idea of going to Nineteen Twenty Five, there isn't a lot of complexity involved. If taking a gander at their roster of fine-ass events wasn't enough, and if the atmosphere of the entire place didn't immediately make you want to plop yourself down for a happy old time, taking a generous look at the menu sure as hell will.

But while the Nineteen Twenty Five experience was once reserved exclusively for when the sun goes down, the bar/lounge/restaurant/rumpus room of entertainment now opens between 2PM and 7PM for lunch. Meh, we hear you say? What's the big deal? Well, the big deal ladies and gentleman, is that aside from being one of the most popular weekend hangout spots for young and thirsty Cairenes, it's also fostered a reputation for being one of the city's great culinary secrets.

You'd be forgiven for passing up the opportunity to wine and dine during one of the venue's belly-dancing bonanzas or their cocktail-laden ladies nights, but now you have all afternoon to try their rather refined dishes. However, if like us indecisiveness is your downfall, then there is one big, glaring issue - actually choosing what to eat. You see there's a little bit of something for everyone on the menu and we've picked up some particular treats that you should try pronto.

This Perfectly Pan-Seared Angus Tenderloin


This Masterfully-Marinated Miso Chicken


This Gorgeously Garnished Gambas ‘à la Plancha’ 

This Miso-Marinated Pan-Seared Tuna Experience

This Creamy, Crispy Cavalcade of Happiness

This Silky Smooth Ball of Sensations

 Tiramisu Treat 

 Hungry yet? Call 0121 210 3512 for reservations.


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