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Accessories Mania: A One-Stop Shop to Complete Your Outfit

Whether you're more boho-inclined or prefer a little bling, one Instagram shop has every accessory under the sun. We talk to co-founder Yasmine Abdelrahman to find out more...

You’re never fully styled or ready until you pop on those final touches to an outfit – the accessories. Whether you’re layering necklaces or putting on a statement one, stacking up rings, or adding some sleek and simple earrings, accessories are the definitive elements which complete an outfit. And that’s the exact philosophy of the rather aptly named Accessories Mania.

“We really appreciate seeing women all dressed up and accessorised,” says Yasmine Abdelrahman, the co-founder of the brand, along with Mohab Mahmoud. “I love accessories so much, it’s like an obsession for me – hence the name,” Abdelrahman tells us with a laugh, “So my boyfriend and I decided to build a brand.”

Accessories Mania, which is sold via Instagram so far, features an eclectic array of pieces from the oriental, to the hippie-free-spirit-feel kind, to the seriously statement making. But what we’re currently fawning over are these crystal bullet pendants in a variety of colours. We don’t know why but we are drawn to them like a hippie is to floral headbands. Aside from the fact that they look awesome, we just feel that the instant we put them on we will be in touch with the earth and one with the wind and we’ll prance around with the spirits and whatnot. Or we’ll just go in to work and everyone will praise how totally pretty out new necklace is. Either or.

The pieces range from the ethnic to the boho. “Personally, I lean towards folkloric and vintage styles but accessories in general are a passion,” Abdelrahman says.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @accessories_mania_myb.  

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