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American Nail Art by Incoco Is Finally in Egypt

The brand creates nail polish strips that can last up to 12 days.

With summer now in full swing, we’re prepping for our favorite summer activity: hanging on the beach. But if there’s one thing we don’t love about beach season, it’s the havoc it wreaks on our meticulous summer manicures.

Well ladies, fret no longer because never again will a chipped nail ruin your perfectly framed Instagram photo. Incoco, which has turned regular, real nail-polish into self-sticking strips that will keep your nails flawless for 12 whole days, has landed in Egypt and it is gorgeous. Brought to Egypt by Cairo-based fashion enthusiast Monica Elshazzly, the brand boasts salon-style nail polish strips that can be achieved in just a few minutes. “I was in New York to visit family during my winter vacation as a senior graduate. Being incredibly passionate about fashion and beauty, I started researching cosmetic brands. And that's when I came across Incoco, which I found was one of the most popular nail brands in the US” Elshazzly tells Cairo Scene.

The nail appliqués come in the form of self-stick strips in different sizes and applying them is as easy as picking the right size, peeling off the strip and sticking it to the nail, then finishing off by filing off the excess. The whole process takes no more than five minutes. No more leaving the salon with jazz hands trying not to ruin your brand new manicure.

Incoco offers a wide range of nail colours and designs, from the classic French tip manicure to more intricate and daring designs. So never again will you have to watch a YouTube tutorial on marble nails and cry at your failure at achieving the same result.
For more on Incoco Egypt's products check out their Facebook page.
Photos: Incoco Egypt

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