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Amna Elshandaweely is Bringing Back Fanny Packs

The streetwear virtuoso just launched Cassette Tapes and Pencils for the little 90s kid in each one of us.

Being born in the 90s is a tricky business; the era's kids were born in simpler times where technology hadn't literally taken over every aspect of their lives yet. Things like catching your favourite song on the radio and actually, not virtually, getting to hang with the BFF felt like little victories. Fast-forward a couple of decades, a technological revolution and you're left with a young generation doomed to life with crushing nostalgia for bygone times.

But we're not kids anymore. The fact that our bank accounts are more inactive than polar bears in hibernation season doesn't change the fact that we DO in fact have bank accounts, and therefore are arguably functioning adults. "Everyone makes fun of 90s kids and how our generation really struggles to adapt to life in today's world," says the distinguished street-wear designer Amna Elshandaweely. "I wanted to capture this generational struggle in fashion, and that notion served as the main inspiration for my brand new fanny pack collection, Cassette Tapes and Pencils."

With vibrantly colourful patterns and slick fabrics from Kenya, Sudan, and Ethiopia, Elshandaweely is staying true to her brand's pan-African identity all the while bringing street style to the forefront of the fashion scene in Egypt. "Racing from the business meetings to the gym before catching up with your friends and still hoping you could get some good-night sleep is how life is for the all-grown up 90s Cairenes now, which is why fanny packs come in handy as they're small in comparison with backpacks, however with enough room to carry all that's essential," she explains.

For the collection's shoot, Elshandaweely decided to keep it to the point and in a true 90s fashion; just a bunch of kids hanging out sporting their fanny packs and looking fly. Check it out:

Models: Crimson Cherry, Mohamed_Shandaweely, Mohamed Aminn, Abdull Alnoby, Jessica Youtounji
Photography: Ahmadshandaweely and Akram elDamaty
Video: Mohamed Amin

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