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Egyptian Fashion Brand Nob Designs Returns With Hot Hot Hot New Collection

Egyptian designer Ahmed Nabil's Nob Designs launch a new collection centred around women's empowerment.

Returning with yet another edgy, provocative and avant-garde collection, emerging fashion designer Ahmed Nabil has revealed Nob Designs' new Fall/Winter 2017 collection, inspired by and centred around the theme of women’s empowerment and modern interpretations of that concept. With a sublime colour palette and a slight punk-rock feel, the collection aims to mix more than one perspective to “convey a portrait of youth nowadays, their priorities, and thinking patterns.”

The bar was set pretty high for Nob Designs because of how awesome Nabil's Superstitious collection, and let’s not forget The Forbidden Marshmallow, which felt like a sartorial representation of the psychedelic.The shoot for the new collection features a gigantic teddy bear that symbolises the man in a woman’s life and how men can be different things to different women. The collection is aimed at the modern woman, one who is empowered and holds her self-respect above all, or “a female figure who respects her capabilities and has the will power to defy social norms and not settle for less than what she deserves,” as Nabil describes.The collection is hip, contemporary, and, as always with Nob Designs, pretty effing out there, aesthetically and intellectually. 

Check out Nob Designs on Facebook and Instagram.

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