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This Grandmother Just Launched her Very Own Fashion Line

“I can’t spend my life at tea parties” - Natalie Akrabova, founder of N by Natalie.

At an age when most people would be winding down – Natalie Akrabova, Italian grandma who’s been living in Egypt for 35 years decided to put her creativity to good use and started her own fashion brand, N by Natalie, specializing in fashion-forward tops and blouses that incorporate the trendiest styles. Who says you can't slay at any age?

“I can’t spend my life at tea parties or staying at home all day, watching TV. If it’s not a fashion brand, it will be something else, but I’ve always loved fashion, I owned a high-end boutique for 10 years back in the 80’s and now I’m back to doing what I love,” tells us Akrabova.

With unexpected, youthful sense of style and her no-holds-barred personality, Akrabova creates sexy tops that will flatter anything from a date-night mini to ripped jeans. N by Natalie is in on all the key trends – we’re talking lace tops, layered shirts, flutter sleeves and floaty chiffon styles. Their leather top with side tulle frills and ruffled knot blouse will without a doubt, jazz up any party look, especially when edged with stylish wedges. “I watch a lot of Italian TV and Italians are at the forefront of fashion trends, I’m always flicking through magazine and browsing the internet, then I see a small detail in one piece and get inspired, like I saw a bow in a dress than I started thinking of how to incorporate it in a shirt,” adds Akrabova.

N by Natalies operates on the concept of exclusivity, creating limited pieces of each design; and also does its best to cater to the needs of Egyptian skin tone. “Sometimes I make mistakes. I had a blouse in beige and changed it to black because I thought it won’t go with Egyptian skin colour. As soon as I posted it, people started asking for it in beige,” she laughs. “Point is, you never stop learning. I will continue to learn until I die,” she says. 

Find N by Natalie at Rax Concept Store (Galleria 40) and on Instagram, Check out their latest collection here.

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