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14 Photos that Showcase the Topsy Turvy World of Cairo's Newest Club, Wunderkind

Things are about to get curiouser and curiouser...

Something strange and beautiful is about to emerge on Cairo's clubbing scene that will tear down the shackles of cutesy and classic convention. Wunderkind, Cairo's newest hotspot, will suck you into a world that is simultaneously weird and wonderful; a place where the line between daydreams and delusions is a blur, and everything is not quite what it seems. It's an upside down parallel universe where red is purple and purple doesn't exist. Why is a raven like a writing desk? No one fucking knows.

To kick off the madness that will surely ensue, Wunderkind tapped 14 unique Egyptians - dreamers, defiers - to take part in an edgy, unusual shoot where they all look like they're trapped in a kaleidoscope; everything is warped and off kilter, including them.

Wunderkind, which has been designed by Alchemy Studios, is set to open this coming weekend and you won't know what to expect until you hit it up. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? Take a few shots first. It's weird down there.

Tamima Hafez, Event Manager


Ahmed Samy El Adl, Musician


Aya El Kolaly, Fitness Trainer 


Amr Helmy, Marketing Manager


Munky El Bakry, Photo Curator


Salma Abu Deif, Model


Salma El Kashef, Photographer


Farah Hosny, Writer


Mizo Sultan, Sales Manager


Malak Badawi, Model


Timmy and Wally Mowafi, Entrepreneurs


Amina Dessouki, Socialite


Suzan Salah Idris, Model 


Project by MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Photography by Ahmed Najeeb

Photo editing by Ahmed Salama
Art Direction by Malak El Sawi
Styling by Ahmed Nabil
Makeup by Kiki Ismail
Hair by Toi Salon
Wadrobe from Villa Baboushka
Chokers from Choker Casa

You can check out Wunderkind on Instagram @wunderkindeg.

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