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German Coffee Franchise Espresso Perfetto Just Set up Shop in New Cairo’s Downtown Mall

Instant coffee and on-the-go caffeine derivatives are forbidden in this Italian-coffee haven.

It's official, real coffee is dead, and we're to blame. In the world of super-sized caramel lattes and the shame that is instant coffee, we've lost touch with our better judgment as to what constitutes a real tasty cup of coffee.

Resurrecting original premium coffee in the most fabulous way is Cairo's new caffeine haven Espresso Perfetto. Originating in Germany with its flagship store in the heart of Düsseldorf, Espresso Perfetto has come to the rescue of caffeinestarved Cairenes with the most phenomenal cafe and coffee showroom in the lavish Downtown Mall. Expect cozy wooden interiors and the rich aroma of coffee always hanging in the air.

Straight from Italy come the premium coffee beans, we all know how fascist those folks can get about their caffeine fix. "We take our coffee very seriously, that's why we offer a big variety of coffee blends that deliver rich nutty flavors that all remain true to original Italian espresso culture.” franchise owner N. Hagar tells us.This is not your average coffee place where fancy-sounding made-up names for coffee and whipped cream beverages are served on the go. Rather it's where true coffee lovers go to reignite their passion for all things coffee while they also can jump in and test run the coffee machines themselves in the showroom.

With professional brands like Rocket Espresso, the showroom is everything a home barista will ever need. From machines to grinders, coffee beans, tampers and accessories, Espresso Perfetto offers the full range of equipment you need to professionally craft your own coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. The staff at Espresso Perfetto will even train you to use your brand new machine!

"Whether you are just looking for a quick fix of caffeine or you are a coffee connoisseur who enjoys the process of making coffee, we offer you the richness and texture of authentic coffee, which is almost extinct in Egypt as well as professional hand-made machines and accessories to enjoy it at your home or office." Hagar elaborates.Don't you mourn real coffee just yet, for its once-again rising from the ashes and it's all right here at Espresso Perfetto.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram @EspressoPerfettoEgypt.

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