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Social Media Presumes This Guy Is Elissa's Fiancé Then Bashes Him for 'Dressing Like a Girl'

Photos of Elissa's presumed fiancé Wadih El Najjar have gone viral because the Internet doesn't like his choice of clothing.

The Internet literally had a melt down yesterday after photos emerged of Elissa’s ‘fiancé’, Wadih El Najjar, ‘cross-dressing’. El Najjar, who is a renowned fashionista and lifestyle photographer, was shared by Facebook page ‘El Waga3’ wearing garments typically from the women’s section with the caption stating, “Being Elissa’s fiancé doesn’t give you the right to wear her clothes.” The post has become viral with almost 10k shares in less than 24 hours. It is also a classic case of cyber bullying; El Najjar’s fashion choices are not for us to judge.
The diva has not officially declared El Najjar as her fiancé, and we doubt she will as the pair have been photographed together for a very long time with captions stating that they’re BFF’s. No comment on the issue has been made from either of them.

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