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The Powerful Egyptian Women Behind The Garden Nile Front: Cairo’s Most Lavish Chill Out Space

When these women dedicated their existence to elevate the club scene at The Garden Nile Front, the city’s most ravishing party and chill out spaced emerged.

What happens when a family-owned business falls into the hands of two powerful and passionate women? You get a delightful and high class Irish-style club that combines only the best food, drinks, and entertainment that Egypt has to offer. We’re talking about The Garden Nile Front – the country’s most lavish party and hang out area.

Since their opening about a year ago, The Garden’s Public Relations Director and Digital Marketer Engy Mokhtar has worked alongside the owners’ representative, Celine Mikhail, in order to elevate the vibe of the club into an energetic and vibrant space that caters to all ages.

“We’ve seen much older people take interest in what we have to offer, even up to 50-years-old, foreigners also frequent the place,” Mokhtar says. 

Both Mokhtar and Mikhail are adamant on keeping the presence of feminine potency alive within the club. In addition to their dedicated hard work, the women are reserving Tuesdays to the woman of the hour, DJ Nada.

“Tuesday is DJ Nada’s day; it gets ridiculously crowded! The power of ladies at The Garden is gher tabee3y (Extraordinary)! And this is very important to us,” explains Mokhtar excitedly. “If we [women] got a grip on the world, ha nekhrebha (We’ll bring the house down).”

The Garden Nile Front is open everyday of the week, and for five of those days, each one is coloured with a different party theme. In addition to DJ Nada’s House Party on Tuesdays, the club presents Oriental Night for Egypt’s belly dancing lovers, Karaoke Night for all you shower-singing legends, Retro Night for the oldies who love to boogie while having a drink, and various other signature DJs peppered throughout the week.

Never mind the elegant rooftop that is perfect for chilling out while gazing at the fascinating Nile view and enjoying the abundant delicious international cuisine delicacies, shisha, and fancy cocktails, if wailing to Bohemian Rhapsody on Karaoke Night isn’t enough to make your day, you are truly a lost soul. After all, that is what Mokhtar designed the stylish and classy space to provide. “Ultimately, we want to make people happy; we offer happiness,” she passionately emphasises.        

Check out The Garden Nile Front on Facebook.
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