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Upload Photos of Street Rubbish to This New Egyptian App and it Will Get Cleaned Up

Dawar is using the power of digital to solve Egypt's garbage problem.

before and after cleaning street egypt

Overnight, a post on Facebook went viral depicting a 'Before and After' image of a street in Maadi before and after it was cleaned. Dawar – the phone app behind this fast performance – is a new waste management app operating in English and Arabic, and already off with a great start to its soft launch.

The process goes like this: you download the app, then you take a picture of the street with the trash, and with a snap of a button, Dawar will be able to track the location with GPS. A cleaning party then gets sent to clean the trash. Finally, Dawar will send you back a photo of the results. 

Dawar acts as an online community on their app, motivating users to share their stories and interact with the app. You can share and rate your results, and get selected by Dawar as a success story.

The app is driven by Mostafa Khairat, CEO; Hussein Barada, Marketing Director; and Amr Fathi, Director of Operations. Khairat initially thought up of the app in 2015. "The mission is to monitor the garbage-collecting system in Egypt in order to solve the main problem, which is garbage taking over our streets," Fathi told us in an interview.The app currently only operates in Maadi and Torra, but with its official launch in the future will expand to other neighbourhoods in Egypt. The company relies on management system provided by private companies, the General Authority for Cleaning and Beautification, and the Ministry of Environment to operate the cleaning process.

And perhaps, in time, we'll soon be seeing Egypt's streets sparkly clean and trash-free.

Keep up with Dawar's updates and news on their Facebook page.

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