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20 Insanely Fabulous Celebrity Photos from Kinda Alloush and Amr Youssef's Wedding

When you're an Arab celebrity, naturally, you celebrate your big day with the biggest names in the Arab world - and naturally, it's all caught on camera.

Remember when the entire country lost its collective shit over Kinda Alloush and Amr Youssef’s first private wedding a few days ago? Well, multiply that by a million because the Arab sweethearts just tied the knot a second time (what? you weren't planning on having two weddings?) at the legendary Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan hotel with literally everyone whose face you have ever seen cry dramatically on your TV screen, in attendance. Because when superfamous people get married, more superfamous people come out to celebrate their matrimonial bliss and just be superfamous together, and the result is an event so star studded that if something bad were to happen to that hotel, we'd basically have no more TV or movie industry. 


Shooting With The Gorgeous Bride & Groom, Mabrouk Amr & Kinda @amryoussefofficial @kindalloush

A photo posted by Mahmoud Elsalam (@mahmoudabdelsalamm) on

From Tamer Hosny, to Hend Sabry and Ayten Amer, the actors partied, danced and celebrated into the AM on the breezy banks of the Nile. And of course when you have the entire nation's entertainment industry present at your wedding, you can expect a stunning show from none other than Shereen and Tamer Hosny without his chest hair, who tapped into memorable songs like Law Kont Nseet and Ana Wala Aref

Check out all the shenanigans and superstars below. It will be just like you were there. Your invite probably got lost in the mail. Just like ours. Ma3lesh.


A photo posted by Hamdy (@hamdybadr) on


الحبايب متجمعين ❤😍😘

A photo posted by Hamdy (@hamdybadr) on


Here's to the endless love that continuously grows between the Arab world's sweethearts, @kindalloush and @amryoussefofficial.

A photo posted by The Old Cataract Aswan (@sofitellegendoldcataract) on



فُلات قشطات عسلات 😃😍😍😍 في فرح الفنان #عمرو_يوسف والفنانة #كندة_علوش

A photo posted by Amysamirghanem ma7bobti (@amysamirghanem_ma7bobti) on


الفنانة #هند_صبري والفنانة #ايتن_عامر وزوجها #عز_العرب خلال حفل زفاف العروسين الفنان المصري #عمرو_يوسف و الفنانة السورية #كندة_علوش في #اسوان.. يذكر ان اليوم هو الزفاف الرسمي الذي دعي اليه اصدقاء العروسين من الفنانين وغيرهم في حين كان الزفاف منذ يومين يقتصر فقط على عائلتي العروسين @aytenamer #aytenamer @hendsabri #hendsabri @kindalloush @amryoussefofficial #kindalloush #amryouussef #studioalfan #stars #style #celebrity #actor #egypt #syria #wedding #fashion #استديو_الفن #فن #فنان #فنانة #نجوم #مشاهير #مصر #سوريا #حفل_زفاف

A photo posted by استديو الفن (@studio_alfan) on


Take a peek into the iconic Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan, set in one of the most magical places in Egypt, in our exclusive MO4 Network video:

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