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6 Reasons Why Hurghada Remains Egypt's Best Escape

Egyptians are becoming increasingly tired of the struggles of living in Cairo's endless congestion; in an effort to help you find a brief relaxing beach escape – or even a permanent new home – we compiled six reasons why Hurghada remains the best escape from Cairo.

The Red Sea is one of Egypt’s national treasures that has attracted a variety of developers looking to build the next hotspot destination. From Gouna to Somabay, there are plenty of coastal developments to choose from, but none of them are as established as the gorgeous city of Hurghada. The Red Sea’s original trendsetter, Hurghada is sometimes overlooked, but still remains one of Egypt’s most beautiful and affordable escapes from the insanity that is Cairo. In an effort, to highlight why this coastal city remains Cairo’s best escape, we put together six reasons that will have you either making it your next vacation or your new permanent home.

Exploring the uninhabited and pristine Mahmaya Giftun Island...

The only thing prettier than Hurghada’s Red Sea beaches is its proximity to the gorgeous uninhabited Mahmaya Giftun Island. This incredibly Instagrammable sandy islet is ringed with coral reefs bustling with life and colour. From a fun relaxing boat ride to lazing away on its stunning sandy beach, Mahmaya Giftun Island is an escape unlike any other and makes Hurghada a must-visit destination for any explorer.

More affordable than any other Red Sea escape...

It's no secret that tourism is at an all-time low in the aftermath of two uprisings and a plane crash. To bounce back, Hurghada offers intriguing packages to encourage Egyptians to travel around Egypt, offering  everything from accommodations to amazing day trips, making it one of the most affordable times to visit this iconic and historically rich coastal city. The destination offers a variety of hotels and resorts that range from high end to fancy aqua park resorts. Tipped as the most lavish hospitality project to date in Hurghada, the multi-award winning, Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel offers the ultimate in luxury and personalized service, a haven where all your senses are indulged. 


An adrenaline junkie paradise...

Some travel to relax, while others travel in search of an adrenaline fix. Hurghada caters to both, but for those looking to get their heart pumping Hurghada offers insane day trips ranging from deep sea diving to cable wakeboarding. These are but a few examples in a variety of fun-filled packages that makes Hurghada unique for those in search of a thrilling adventure.

Family fun for everyone...

There’s nothing worse than taking a vacation with the family and having your kids complain every 15 minutes that they are bored. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem in Hurghada as there's a wide selection of family fun activities and sites. From submarine rides to amazingly fun Steigenberger Aqua Magic water park, there’s no shortage of activities that will keep your kids busy while you get some a much-needed break and relaxation on the beach.

An escape from congestion and stress...

Many Egyptians tend to flock to the same places anytime a long weekend presents itself. During the summer many believed Sahel to be this year’s hot spot, but those who went found themselves escaping Cairo’s traffic to find a congested nightmare waiting for them on beach. Instead of struggling to find rooms, wasting hours in traffic, and struggling to find a chair on the beach, Hurghada provides a bigger bustling city with endless luxury options that ensures you will find a beach to escape to without having to sit on top of a sandy family of four.  

Hurghada’s a coastal city with infrastructure in place...

Sure there are plenty of luxurious places on the Red Sea, but many of these destinations lack the level of infrastructure that exists in Hurghada. As the original Red Sea trendsetter, one could argue there would be no Gouna or Sharm el Sheikh without Hurghada proving to the world that the Red Sea is a must-see for any global traveller. Equipped with just about everything you need in Cairo, Hurghada is not only a safe place to visit but also a wonderful place to live boasting plenty of exciting nightlife events. With Egyptians looking to escape Cairo permanently, real estate developers like Al Dau Development have become inundated with scores of Egyptians interested in making this magnificent Red Sea city their new home.  

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