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7 Arab Airlines React to Trump's Electronics Ban and It's Hilarious

From Etihad Airways' Making Flying Great Again promo to Royal Air Jordanian's clever zingers, here is how the region's airlines poked fun at Trump's electronics ban!

Three days ago, the US government announced that any passengers coming into the United States from Cairo, Amman, Kuwait City, Casablanca, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai will no be allowed to fly their laptops and tablets unless checked in the cargo hold. 

Some sources from Rand Corporation’s aviation security said that the US had received information of a possible attack in the near future. So, how does the US fight terrorism? That’s right, take away our tablets!

The ban only extends to carry-on luggage, so rest assured you will be able to bring your iPads, cameras, and laptops in your checked luggage. They might not turn out all in one piece, but you’ll surely be able to sell the parts on eBay. 

Arab airlines took to their social media platforms to mock recent hardware block on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. From Emirates' sassy comeback, to Royal Jordanian's hilarious sarcasm, check out 7 reactions from Arab airlines on social media below:




Etihad Airways 


Royal Jordanian


Qatar Airways


Turkish Airlines


Saudi Airlines 


Royal Air Maroc


Honourable Mention Pakistan was noticeably absent from the list of countries in Trump's bizarre executive order, but kudos to Pakistan International Airlines for coming out smelling like a white mushroom in the middle of this crisis of trust!   

Pakistan International Airlines

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